The Springs Living COVID-19 Response

We’re committed to transparency by publicly sharing our COVID-19 results as we believe it demonstrates the effectiveness of our infection control protocols that have been in place since February 28, 2020.


Our COVID-19 Story

The Springs Living is one of the safest places for older adults to live, thanks to our strategies to fight COVID-19 since February 2020. Data shows we have an extremely low infection rate for residents (under 2%) compared to senior living communities nationwide*(around 5%). Living in a community relieves the burden of isolation and grocery shopping, while providing professional support in-house for medical needs, housekeeping, and cooking.

* July 2020 data provided by the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC)

Our COVID-19 Strategies

Even before COVID-19 reached the United States, we vowed to stay ahead of it, knowing that would be the best way for us to protect our residents and staff. Our approach against the virus was a lot like fighting a forest fire ignited by a lightning strike: We enacted diligent monitoring and quick containment to extinguish hot spots before they could spread. We started implementing our infection control procedures February 28, 2020, evolving our protocols steadily.

COVID-19 Vaccination

As a senior living company, we were among the first in the country with access to the COVID-19 vaccine, offering our residents and staff the vaccine as part of Phase 1A, which started January 4, 2021.

We have continued to offer the COVID-19 vaccine ever since, including to new residents and staff and a round of booster clinics in Autumn 2021.

For more information about the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

COVID Care Center

One of the buildings at The Springs at Willowcreek in NE Salem provided respite care for seniors with dementia from neighboring communities who tested positive for COVID-19 and needed to isolate but didn’t require hospital care. The center ran in conjunction with the State of Oregon for about a year until the spike in cases lowered at the end of 2021.

Information & Resources

Want to learn more? The following resources provide in-depth information on how The Springs Living continues to ensure the safety of all residents and employees.

graphic with text "We Pledge to Hold The Line"

We are committed to keeping The Springs Living communities free of COVID-19 and as employees, we pledge to follow these guidelines designed to "Hold the Line."

Our Response to COVID

At The Springs Living, we offer professional services and support that people don't have access to in their homes. You'll find daily options for your social life, access to professional services, reliable supply chains, and caring support networks. All of these features and services contribute to our communities being safe and comfortable.

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COVID-19 Communications

Beginning February 28, 2020, The Springs Living started a regular cadence of communications to our staff, residents and their families through emails, town halls, and media coverage.